Kick-starting the VFX union we need!

21% of people working in the big four London VFX houses have joined the union so far.

24 days until the campaign ends on Friday 10th November.

Join now, pay later Membership is £10 per month once we reach our target. Joining is anonymous, secure and takes less than five minutes.

How it works

We’re crowd-joining a union for VFX workers. It’s like Kickstarter, for trade unions. We're targeting the big four VFX houses: DNeg, ILM, MPC and Framestore.

Join today and you don’t have to pay for membership until we reach our target. When more than half of VFX workers in your company have signed up, your membership will start. You won’t have to pay until then.

Help recruit other members — the more you help recruit, the stronger the union — your union — will be.

What do we want?

We want a voice at work.

We want an end to excessive unpaid overtime.

We want our companies to protect us from unreasonable client requests and to stand up for our right to get a credit.

We want sick pay, transferrable pensions and parental leave — just like you’d get in any other job.

What is a union?

A union is a group of people fighting in the interests of workers.

Once more than 50% of your colleagues are members, the union can start the process of getting "union recognition" which allows the union to negotiate for better conditions and contracts.

Unions can protect you from problems at work.

Many people in UK film and television are members of a union, meaning they get overtime pay, credits for their work and much more. The reason freelance workers get holiday pay is thanks to BECTU winning the fight for it in the European Courts.

Common questions

Will it cost a lot?

No. Membership is £10 per month and you won’t have to pay until we reach our 51% membership target in your company.
Will unions hurt the industry?
No. Industries thrive when workers and employers talk and work together in constructive, mutually beneficial ways.
Will I be anonymous?
Yes. The union will not share that you’ve joined with your employer, nor do they have the legal right to ask if you’re a member, or penalise you in any way for being a member.

Join now, pay later It takes less than five minutes to join.